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    Warranties and Repairs

    QIOTTI provides a one year right to complaint according to the sale of goods act covering defect manufacture and materials registered during normal use of the item. The right to complaint does not cover damages, defects or wear and tear, resulting directly or indirectly from wrongful use, bad maintenance, unauthorized operations or violence. Complaints regarding defects or faults discovered during normal examination of the item must be communicated to qiotti.com within a 14 day period. Subsequently, items may be returned for one of the following: repair, exchange, or if agreed upon, reimbursement.

    After we receive the item, we will investigate the fault and contact you to agree the most appropriate resolution.
    All the materials we source at QIOTTI are selected for their high quality and luxurios nature. Our leathers are natural skins that age in different ways. The beauty of leather is that it’s a natural product with unique properties. Natural grains, shading, scars and wrinkles all make it unique piece. With care, leather can look more attractive as it ages due to the folds and fine patina. Leather that has been left its natural color or that has been only lightly pigmented exhibits changes in its surfaces structure that are brought about for instance by scratches, insect bites or old scarring.

    The colours of products seen on qiotti.com will depend on the monitor/display from which it is viewed and can vary depending on the monitor/display. Therefore the colour seen on the monitor/display can vary from the accurate colour of the product. Please note that we have tried as accurately as possible to display the colours of the textile, lining, leather etc. As well as the tactility of all materials used. Please note that all qiotti goods are made of natural leather and textiles of the highest quality. We would like to point out that vegetable tanned leather is a natural product and therefore can vary in colour and structure from product to product and from collection to collection. These minor variations in products should be viewed as a unique characteristic and not as a fault. Please be aware that natural textiles used in dark colours may be subject to transference of colour through rubbing, and the use of these products should be used with caution when in contact with light colours. Most of the textiles have been given a water repellent surface, but are not water resistant. Note that all leathers are sensitive to sun, rain and other wet spots.

    Our repair-turnaround times for product can take up to 8 weeks to complete, but we will always endeavor to have them back to you as soon as possible.

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