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    About Us

    Welcome ¡Hola

    QIOTTI is inspired by the minimalist flair of urban life. We believe in the beauty of simplicity.

    Our pieces dispense with heavy elements, are highly functional and impress with their clean lines.

    "We focus on what is important."

    QIOTTI bans monotony and gives you a timeless look – the ideal companion for your day.
    We believe that elegance is more important than the latest fashion trend. Subtle statements count more than loud pronouncements. QIOTTI emphasises your minimalist style for an enviably perfect look.

    At QIOTTI, we strive to protect the environment and to support the local community. We do this by

    Manufacturing high-quality products that last longer

    Creating timeless pieces that transcend fashion trends

    Limiting the materials and resources used to a minimum to avoid waste

    Choosing our partners depending on their social and environmental responsibili

    Sharing our success with our employees and supporting local community programmes




    Our philosophy is simple – a timeless and luxurious product that not only looks good but is also functional, is offered at a fair price and one that we can supply directly to you. Our production process is completely transparent – and brings back the benefits to the customer.
    We have decided to take matters back into our own hands – we offer you functional luxury without exceeding your budget.

    From our workshop directly to our customers – we sell our products directly to you, meaning we do not have to rely on traditional distributors and can pass on these savings to you. No middle man, no margins and no commissions, no licensing fees and no surcharges for shops. We don’t show off with expensive, traditional marketing campaigns, but invest in efficient new techniques. We pass on savings directly to you – we sell goods that are exclusively high quality at a fair price!

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