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    Cleaning and Maintenance

    QIOTTI selected the materials for your accessory with the utmost care.
    Leather is a natural product that ages over time, changing its appearance and becoming softer. Every piece of leather is unique; small variations in colour and texture are natural and should not be considered defects.
    In particular, metallic and vegetable-tanned leathers are chosen for their quality; they become even more beautiful over time.

    Be careful to avoid contact between the leather and denim (staining can occur), non-colourfast articles of clothing, make-up, perfume, alcohol, water, chemicals, direct heat sources or concentrated light.
    Dyed leather may rub off on light-coloured clothing. Light-coloured leather is light-sensitive and susceptible to scratches. Leather can fade over time.

    If the product requires intensive cleaning, we recommend contacting a cobbler or leather specialist. Attempting to clean your QIOTTI product yourself is done at your own risk. Cleaning and maintenance depends on the type of leather.
    Do not overfill your QIOTTI product. The bag has been manufactured to support a certain weight. It can’t stand up to very heavy or a large number of objects. When not in use, always store the product in the enclosed dust bag.

    To keep your QIOTTI bag as perfect as it already is, you should take note of the following

    Avoid contact with water, grease, perfume, cosmetics or chemicals. If your bag gets wet, pat it dry with a soft, clean cloth.

    Don’t expose the bag to excessive heat or direct sunlight.

    Don’t bring the bag into contact with coarse-grained or abrasive materials. With some leathers, scratches can be removed with gentle pressing movements.

    Your bag’s leather can – particularly in wet conditions – rub off somewhat. So be careful when wearing light-coloured clothing.

    Keep your bag away from moisture. But if you happen to get rained on, don’t worry. Quickly wipe off the drops of water and allow the bag to dry slowly (never in the direct proximity of a heat source!) Avoid placing your bag near radiators and never use a hairdryer to dry it off.

    The use of chemical cleaning agents or conditioning additives can damage the surface of your leather bag. We believe natural care is the best solution for natural materials. For this reason, simply use a clean, soft washcloth to clean your bag.

    When you’re not using the bag, we recommend storing it in the QIOTTI protective bag in a cool, dry place.
    Please note that these maintenance tips apply to cowhide. Other types of leather may have other maintenance requirements. However, you can apply these tips not only to leather bags, but also to all other cowhide products, such as jackets and sofas.

    The natural characteristics of the product can lead to staining of light-coloured fabrics or upholstery.
    As soon as you remove this QIOTTI label, the product belongs to you. Without a label, it cannot be returned.

    We hope you're satisfied with your purchase. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions or for additional support. We're happy to help.

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